TooManyTabs 1.3.2


TooManyTabs is a Firefox add-on that allows you to deal efficiently with multiple tabs. View full description


  • Very easy to use
  • Totally configurable
  • Configuration options really make browsing easy


  • None so far

Very good

TooManyTabs is a Firefox add-on that allows you to deal efficiently with multiple tabs.

Are you the kind of person who always has a million tabs open at once? If you are, they you'll know how unmanageable they can get - you lose important ones, accidentally close pages and reduce your efficiency by having to scroll through bunches of tabs before getting to the one you want.

TooManyTabs for Firefox will help you manage your tabs much more cleverly. It allows you to store tabs that aren't currently in use in a set of hidden rows, ready for you to retrieve when needed. The tabs are maintained in the state they are in, and will re-appear just as you left them. When you open a tab with TooManyTabs installed, right-clicking will let you send the tab to a holding row.

When tabs are in their holding rows, TooManyTabs lets you carry out other actions, such as renaming, pinning or coloring the tab. Clicking the Row 1 button gives you access to your the tabs you are already holding. The TooManyTabs configuration area gives you even more options, from automatically hiding tabs, renaming rows and creating back ups. If you need a way to manage tabs, TooManyTabs is an excellent option. If you're a Chrome user, though, don't feel like you're missing out - there's also a version for you!

TooManyTabs offers the ultimate in tab management.


  • To Firefox 3.6.* users
  • Conflict with Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar that causes flickering in Firefox 3.6.* is fixed
  • We advice Firefox 3.6.* users to downgrade to 1.2.0 if you experience any problem after the upgrade, go back to this link to install the old version
  • To Firefox 4.07b users
  • ubuntu FF 4.07b users please disable an addon called "Ubuntu Firefox Modifications", o.w. the custom toolbar buttons will disappear
  • Copy information to profile bug fixed, please remember to include your profile information when you send us a bug report


TooManyTabs 1.3.2